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FAQ - Answers to the most common questions

Post  Cheylon on Tue Sep 22, 2009 5:46 pm

Q: What is the difference between <Anger> and a "typical" guild?

Most guilds require membership and a predefined level of attendence in order to raid. In <Anger> you need not join the guild or commit any more time than you would like and still have a chance to raid.

Q: What is the difference between <Anger> and going with a PUG?

There are several advantages on going with an organized raid group as opposed to a random PUG:

  • Raids are planned ahead which means there is less waiting for forming a group.

  • Voice communication and clear leadership is used to eliminate confusion and optimize raid time.

  • All participants are checked on 3 seperate sites to ensure no undergeared or underexperienced players join the raid.

  • A blacklist is kept to ensure that in the event that annoying players are kept out.

Q: Are there any advantages in joining <Anger> as opposed to staying in my current guild/ remaining unguilded?



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